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Over time valves can  wear and become ineffective and often, replacement valves can be costly or on longer lead times than preferred, this is where DKLs valve repair and reconditioning service can help.

We are able to overhaul a number of valve types including; Safety Valves,     Blowdown Valves, Parallel Slide Valves, Reducing Valves and Control Valves etc. from a range of well-known manufacturers including; Safety Systems, Ari,  Peter Smith, Taylor Valves and more. Where initial inspection dictates that we are unable to offer a repair service, we may be able to specify an alternative supply.

We also offer number of other repair and maintenance services including;

In addition to on-site surveys;

If you have any queries, or would like to arrange a site visit to inspect a tube bundle in need of repair, please do not hesitate to contact us directly on 0161 217 9707 or

What our clients say…

“First class service. DKL always go that extra mile to make sure that everything is up and running on time”
“The professionalism with which work was carried out is second to none, that coupled with Garry’s experience and extensive knowledge of the industry and products will ensure DKL is successful for years to come”

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