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Assessing the condition of steam traps within the system is an essential part of any steam system maintenance programme. Our steam trap survey consist of three main parts;

  1. Identify, log and tag all traps included with the scope of the survey.
  2. Assess the traps for suitability against the application.
  3. Identify any traps which have failed open/close (this could be due to a number of faults including; blockages, incorrect installation etc.).

DKL utilise an ultrasonic trap tester which detects ultrasound generated by a trap, our trained and experienced engineers are able to identify whether the trap is working adequately or has failed open/close by ‘listening’ to the different sounds that different types of trap produce. A full trap survey is sent to the client on completion which includes the catalogue of traps, their condition, our findings and recommendations.

We recommend that steam traps are surveyed annually. The cost of a survey can usually be offset with the savings made by identifying and replacing leaking/faulty traps, whilst also improving efficiency of the system. For example, a 1/2” BSP Free Float Steam Trap which is passing, could cost around £750.00/annum in lost energy.

We also offer number of survey types including;

In addition to repair and maintenance services;

If you have any queries, or would like to book a Steam Trap Survey, please do not hesitate to contact us directly on 0161 217 9707 or

What our clients say…

“First class service. DKL always go that extra mile to make sure that everything is up and running on time”
“The professionalism with which work was carried out is second to none, that coupled with Garry’s experience and extensive knowledge of the industry and products will ensure DKL is successful for years to come”

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