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Storage Vessels

  • IOM-SV-01 – Buffer Vessel
  • IOM-SV-02 – Direct Storage Cylinder
  • IOM-SV-03 – Indirect Storage Cylinder
  • IOM-SV-04 – Storage Calorifier
  • IOM-SV-05 – Electric Storage Calorifier

Non-Storage Vessels

  • IOM-NSV-01 – Non-Storage Water/Water Heat Exchanger
  • IOM-NSV-02 – Non-Storage Steam/Water Heat Exchanger
  • IOM-NSV-03 – Electric Flow Heater

Plate Heat Exchangers

  • IOM-PHE-01 – (NP) Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger
  • IOM-PHE-02 – (BP) Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger (SWEP)
  • IOM-PHE-03 – (NPK) Packaged Water/Water Plate Heat Exchanger
  • IOM-PHE-04 – (APK) Packaged Steam/Water Plate Heat Exchanger
  • IOM-PHE-05 – (NT) Packaged (BP) & Storage Vessel
  • IOM-PHE-06 – (NSPK) Packaged NPK Assembly & Storage Vessel

Boiler House Equipment

  • IOM-BH-01 – Boiler Feed Water Tank
  • IOM-BH-02 – De-Aerator Head
  • IOM-BH-03 – Vent Head
  • IOM-BH-04 – Blowdown Vessel
  • IOM-BH-05 – Condensate Pump-Set


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