At DKL we are always working on something new and different. This week we were approached by a pipe fitting company who were carrying out some remedial works on a 5,000 litre Mild Steel Buffer Vessel (and surrounding plant area) in a North West Hospital. After being awarded the contract, the fitting company were made aware that due to the nature of the project, the additional connections to be added to the Vessel would need to be signed off by an insurance inspectorate. This meant that in addition to Weld Procedures and Weld Procedure Qualification Records, the fitting company would also need to provide supporting calculations as part of their documentation supply scope.

DKL were approached to act as the consulting engineer on the project and contracted to provide calculations to PD5500:2015 in order to advise the fitting company on the required location of the additional connections, the weld details and any requirements for compensation plates/rings.

Within 24 hours of receiving the order for the works, DKL attended site to take the required measurements and assess possible locations for the newly proposed connections. Our dedicated technical team then completed the necessary calculations and provided a detailed General Assembly Drawing of the entire vessel to show the location of the new connections and Weld Procedures to be used. Both of which were submitted to the fitting company and insurance inspectorate for approval prior to the works.

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